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City Guerilla is a creative laboratory which rests on the following principles: self-organized youth, their creative association, peer education and alternative education, exchanging a wide range of skills, knowledge and ideas. These young people have different educational backgrounds, interests, talents, abilities, life experience and attitudes. The synergy of these versatile factors forms specific creative spaces for applying various ideas in the fields of art and social activism with an aim to inspire young people to take an active part in shaping their own urban environment and strengthen civil society.
City Guerilla originates from a project developed by the Goethe-Institut entitled Goethe-Guerilla, which started in 2010 with the aim to connect with young people. During seven years of the project (both as Goethe and City Guerilla), more than 150 young people from Belgrade and the region have been given an opportunity to realize their ideas and gain experience in self-organization process by implementing projects on the topic they have chosen themselves: the Right to the City – improving our own urban environment.
From 2010 until today there have been many exhibitions, installations, workshops (in collaboration with local and international artists), debates, lectures, concerts, participative and environmental public space interventions, research projects, regional and international events and workshops, including two international meetings supported by the European Union program entitled “Youth in Action”. Within the framework of the international project of the Goethe-Institut "ACTOPOLIS. The Art of Action", City Guerilla was one of the 14 participants of the Belgrade edition of Actopolis called "Formally Informal" curated by Mirjana Boba Stojadinović.
Once a controversial name, Goethe-Guerilla (Goethe = an institution, Guerilla = freedom of action), which strongly depicts the singularity of this symbiosis during the organic process of self-organization of a group of young people on their way to independence under the roof of a cultural institution, has in the meantime, among young people, become a synonym for team work, creativity, open access, exchange of knowledge and ideas in the fields of art and social activism both on local and international levels. Since 2012 members of Goethe-Guerilla have been focused on the run-down neighborhood of Savamala. They have been monitoring, investigating and documenting its dramatic architectural transformation and have either taken an active part in it or opposed it through their projects and actions. In March 2013 the Goethe-Insititut officially launches the project "Urban Incubator: Belgrade" in Savamala. Soon after, Goethe-Guerilla joines other local and international projects from the previous generations (2010-2014), decides to become independent founding an association named City Guerilla, which continues its activities supported the Goethe-Institut, now as a partner.
Since 2010 until today, members of Goethe/City Guerilla have, in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, realized more than 200 small and large scale projects and actions in Serbia and abroad, thus establishing a wide cooperation network with similar initiatives in the country and the region. 


City Guerilla

Realization of projects in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut:
School of Urban Practices and Škogled - Škograd project
DACIDA - online project
The book "Failure as a Practice" in cooperation with Darko Dragićević


City Guerilla

Realization of projects on the wider territory of Belgrade and online
Participation in the Belgrade edition of the international exhibition "Actopolis. The Art of Action" by Goethe-Institut and the organization of Urban Künste Ruhr, Germany
Exhibitions, presentations, installations, workshop "Failure as a Practice" in cooperation with Darko Dragićević


City Guerilla

Realization of projects and actions in Savamala
School of Urban Practices: award at the Architecture Salon for the project "My Piece of Savamala"
Actopolis. The Art of Action:
Participation in the international project of the Goethe-Institut and the organization of Urban Künste Ruhr, Germany, as a part of the Belgrade edition entitled "Formal-Informal. Self-organized cultural scene in Belgrade", Curator: Mirjana Boba Stojadinović


City Guerilla

Formation of four modules: School of Urban Practices, Savamala Walks, Puls, Shhhumigrad
The modules are led by the experienced Guerilla members from previous generations
All the actions are focused on Savamala
Cooperation with the Urban Incubator Association


Goethe-Guerilla / City Guerilla

The fifth generation of Goethe-Guerilla in Belgrade is simultaneously active in Savamala together with active members from the previous generation
Founding Assembly, Srebrno jezero, December 2014
Establishment of the City Guerilla Association
Cooperation with the newly founded Urban Incubator Association



Belgrade: Guerilla becomes part of a Goethe-Institut project Urban Incubator: Belgrade in Savamala
Regional workshop "Youth in Action" in Savamala, Belgrade
Participants from Belgrade, Sarajevo, Budapest, Vilnius and various cities in Germany
Belgrade: members from previous generations become co-mentors
Within the Urban Incubator project active as "local scouts"



Region: establishment of Goethe-Guerilla in Herceg Novi
Establishment of further groups in Budapest, Krakow and Vilnius (under the wing of the Goethe-Institut)
Regional Workshop "Youth in Action", Germany
Participants from Belgrade, Sarajevo, Budapest, Vilnius and various cities in Germany
Belgrade:  focus on Savamala



Under the wing of the Goethe-Institut, new groups are established in the region:
Prishtina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zagreb
The first regional meeting in Ohrid
The second generation of Guerilla in Belgrade



Initiation of the Goethe-Institut project in Belgrade
Goethe-Institut, Initiators: Jutta Gehrig, director and Zorica Milisavljević, coordinator of special projects (mentor of the Guerilla project from 2010 to 2016)