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Simon Marić


2012 - 2018


It is difficult to describe someone in a few sentences, especially yourself. Nonetheless, in the end, the life of many people is limited to a sentence or a word. Some even don’t leave a single letter behind. But it’s like this only on the surface, because no word and also no letter - not even our name (as they are given to us) - but rather our actions are what defines us. The actions are the real words and, at the same time, countless volumes which contain  everything about a person, who is the creator at the same time. In this manner pyramids and an apparently simple drawing of a child become equal. If one says ‘Picasso’, the first thing that comes to your mind is a ‘painter’. This is not only a word, but a word that transcends all the phonetic and semantic borders. So, what is my word then? I’m interested in countless things: I studied the English language and literature, I love music, foreign languages and all forms of art in general. But above all I think that my word is ‘writing’. We’ll see whether I’m right or wrong.