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Mirjana Utvić


2011 - 2018


Mirjana Utvić (1989) is a young architect who lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. Her projects aim to empower society and improve the environment through innovative design and practice, by creating spaces for encounters, exchange and experiment. At the beginning of 2011 she joined Goethe-Guerilla group (now City Guerilla) where she has, together with the group, developed a series of interdisciplinary projects, workshops and actions. From 2012, she has been active in participatory research projects within the School of Urban Practices in Belgrade (My piece of Savamala, C5, Urban Cooks), where she is one of the mentors and coordinators. In 2014, she participated in a pilot residential program, “Create in Residence” in Sweden. Her work experience ranges from temporary architectural objects and spatial installations, to exhibition and furniture design (Urban Bundle, 1st Open Library, Try(angle) it, Different Perspective of the City, Knock on Wood, Spectrum, Regional Science clubs etc.). Her projects were presented as a part of Belgrade Salon of Architecture in 2012. and 2014. Currently she is working as collaborator of the Centre for Promotion of Science in Belgrade where she is in charge of setting and exhibition design.