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Kristina Kopić


2011 - 2011


I am Kristina and I am 22 years old. Family, friends, new acquaintances, traveling, songs, dances, books, movies - they are all parts of me, a mosaic I don’t want to lose, because they formed me as a person and helped me to grow responsibility for society.
Besides that, I like to take a look into different fields - from sports to entertainment games up to rummaging through economic drawers, which hide a lot of interesting and uncanny information.
I want to explore all these things and to give back something to society and I’m happy I got that chance.
For now I am studying Business administration, with an uncertain future. However, I hope that I will be able to filter my unique interests out of many others and to find myself in the work I will love. I wish that the results of my work can contribute to a better quality of life in my environment.