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09 04 2015 / 23 04 2017


Dialogues represent a series of lectures and discussions in the field of culture and arts to educate, raise awareness about the importance of non-formal education, sharing of experience and knowledge as well as developing critical thinking among young people. Lectures and talks by experts from home and abroad, once a month.

The dialogues are free in form and can take a structure of a lecture, literature talk, performance to an evening chat session. The dialogue, usually imagined as a relationship between a speaker who shares and the audience who receives, is in this manner transformed into a common exchange of ideas and opinions of all people present.
During 2015 the CG dialogues included talks with architect Milena Ivkovic regarding her project Savamala the Game; Swedish architects Oyuki Matsumoto, Christian Svensson and Jack Dahl regarding their STLPN maker space project; School of Urban Practices regarding Open libraries; comic author Aleksandar Zograf regarding future of comics; artistic duo from Brazil, Claudia Cardenas and Rafael Schlichting (Stranglescope) from film laboratory Cinema Tribe; programmer Valerija Spasojevic regarding robotics and entrepreneurship; non-profit NGO association “Kockavica”; theater director Ana Popovic regarding her time spent in Indonesia and the editorial staff of “Lice Ulice” magazine. The project continued to be further developed in 2016 and 2017s.