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A radio report on Belgrade



In the beggingin of 2011, Goethe Guerilla received an anonymous letter from Germany with a request to react, followed by the statement: “Dear Guerilla team, this is unacceptable.” So what was all this about? Inside the envelope was a recording of a German youth radio “1Live” with an excerpt devoted to Belgrade. The recording mainly dealt with Belgrade nightlife, “cultural darkness” which up until recently allegedly ruled the city. The Goethe-Guerilla members prepared a radio recording of their own, in which they responded to this unflattering depiction of their city. The recording did not diminish negative occurrences, but rather stressed diversity as well as the cultural and historical heritage of the capital of Serbia. The project was presented during the regional meeting of Goethe-Guerila in December 2011 on Jahorina mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.