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Another perspective of the city

Exhibition, Performance


This project, presented in collaboration with the Belgrade fortress, took place on 26 June 2011 in Kalemegdan Park in the Donji grad (Lower town) part right next to the Gate of Karlo VI. Its aim was to give an opportunity to citizens and visitors to get to know the city from a different perspective. There are many high-rise buildings in Belgrade, both residential and business ones, but most of them are not open to the public. The Guerilla team had, however, succeeded at making their way into some of them, and taking a series of pictures from a bird’s eye view from their roofs, testifying to the diversity of our city. The big format photos were printed on a thick foil, spread over circular metal frames with a hole in the middle and laid on the ground. The visitors could go into the middle and gain an insight of how the city looks like seen from the roofs of the tallest buildings. Apart from this, the visitors had an opportunity to experience the city through the eyes of a cyclist. As there are almost no bike lanes in Belgrade, shots from a bicycle were made on the streets and paths which are not made for them. The electricity for the video projection was supplied by the visitors who produced it by turning pedals on a bicycle, specially modified to serve as a power generator. This bike-generator also served for amplifying the band “Bicikl” whose music accompanied this event. Later it was also used for numerous performances of the “Guerilla Trashophonic Orchestra“.