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Audio walk: Savamala


Savamala Walks


A city can be defined as an architectural palimpsest- a sort of writing which constantly changes, as a new element overwrites the former. Beneath the city of today lay writings of forgotten people, roads and buildings, which used to hold great meaning. The Audio Walk: Savamala is dedicated to Savamala palimpsests. Derived from the “Spurensuche” (‘Looking for traces’) project located in Stuttgart in the year 2012/2013, in cooperation with Goethe-Guerila and the artistic group Flanerie Labor, the Audio Walk represents a mix of fact and fiction. Through the story of the narrator, an old Savamala local, listeners are being introduces to the history of Savamala and former Belgrade, seven generations behind. The narrator- Sava, retells his memories, comparing the past and the present and inviting the listener to think about the future of Savamala. The walk can take up to  ten participants who, equipped with mp3 players, maps and photographs, visit nine significant locations in Savamala, and listen to the story regarding that location. There is no specific route, the participants themselves choose which way the want to go. The audio material is in German, Serbian and English, divided into ten sections and lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes. The pace of the walk depends on the participants themselves. The Audio Walk: Savamala is meant to emphasize the importance of Savamala, its uniqueness, and to introduce the participant to its history.