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Concert and action in front of the Museum of Yugoslav History



A concert was held in front of the Museum of Yugoslav History on 29 May 2010. Apart from the music performed by Karl Hector and the Malcouns from Germany, and Temporary Sessions, a musician collective from Belgrade, bags filled with sawdust were placed in front of the museum, with words both in Serbian and German printed on them. By combining these bags, interesting sentences could be produced in both languages. During the concert they also served for sitting. What made this whole event particularly interesting was the place where the concert was held. Namely, it took place on a platform mounted over a fountain in front of the museum. The event was organized in cooperation with the Museum of Yugoslav History.   Karl Hector and the Malcouns’ music is a fusion of the classical funk guitar and psychedelic synths, wrapped in an incessant jam manner. After just one record as a leader of Funk Pilots, Karl Hector publishes yet another one but with different musicians. The album entitled “Sahara Swing” was published in 2008 by Now Again Records and contains 19 songs inspired by the music of the Southern Sahara. The bend performed in Belgrade in the following setup: Jan Weissenfeld, Thomas Myland, Stefan Dittlein, Wolfgang Schlick i Johannes Schleiermacher.   Temporary Sessions gathers musicians from Belgrade and Novi Sad. The main idea is to perform improvised music with any number of people in any setup. The jam sessions mix electric and acoustic instruments, rhythm, glitch – everything which has to do something with sound. Every performance is therefore unique since improvisation leaves space which can’t be predicted even by the players themselves.