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Who is the artist in the 21st century? What makes his identity today and what role does he play? In what ways can it survive in today's economy? And to what extent is the community important and how to cooperate outside the borders? DACIDA is a fully online conference, developed via livestream, from Oct 27-29th 2017. The DACIDA conference has been trying to raise key issues that accompany the life and identity of artists today, highlighting the importance of new technologies and their many possibilities. Through the conference program, which was divided into 3 thematic units (Aesthesis, Mimesis, Poiesis), we tried to carry you through important topics and segments that relate to the existence and life of artists today. The conference was completely free and could be followed via live-stream on the DACIDA YouTube channel and website. I Aesthesis I Oct 27th 2017 Who is the artist in the 21st century? - prof. Jovan Čekić and doc. mr. Maja Stankovic, RS Art Education in the Digital Age - TeYosh, NL (Teodora Stojkovic & Sofija Stankovic) Digital Movement - Erdem Dilbaz, TR The life of artists today - Osman Koc, Darko Dragicevic, Aleksandar Sedlar, US, DE, RS I Mimesis I Oct 28th 2017 FT1P - (You miss one paper) - Milan Trbojevic, RS Team, vision and toilet paper - Nana Radenković, RS Virtual identities - Vanja Smiljanić, PL Bulb - (interdisciplinary experiment and diversity of perceptions) - Jovan Stamatovic Karic, Nemanja Cerovac, Simon Maric, Pavle Jovovic, Milos Jovanovic - RS, US, JP, CH I Poesis I - HackARThon Oct 28th 2017 Hackarton is conceived as a 24-hour creative challenge with the goal  to get young people from the field of art and culture to know which ways they can realize their artistic idea with mentoring support, which was canceled due to insufficient number of applications.