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Dialogue #10 Artist for good reasons




City Gerila invites you to this last year's CG dialogue together with Liceulice's representatives, with whom we will discuss the links between design and social activism, and especially their program "For Good Reasons". Art has the power to quickly reach emotions, challenge enthusiasm, and suggest a range of possibilities. Can these "power" be directed towards some socially useful goals? For Sanja Polovina and Nikoleta Kosovac, the answer is yes. They feel that the task of art and culture is to shape and reflect those topics that society avoids or suppresses. Anyone who possesses knowledge and means of public influence has the opportunity and obligation to use them for the common good, especially for the benefit of social progress. It is actually a space for activism in culture and art. The two of them will explain how and why Liceulica does it and how we can join the rest of us. The program "For Good Reasons" was launched by the organization Liceulica with the aim to create a unique space for education and awareness raising on social issues through various forms of communication through the cooperation of creative individuals, institutions, NGOs and the media. Magazine "Liceulice" comes out once every two months. According to the street newspaper in the West - "street paper" - sold by the most marginalized members of society. Liceulice costs 150 dinars, and half of the realized sales revenues remain to sellers, while the remaining funds are used for project development, additional work on the integration of sellers and other inclusive programs. The magazine is distributed through a specially trained and organized network of retailers in Belgrade, and soon all over Serbia.