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Dialogue #12 Jovan Stamatović-Karić - NK Studio




The second CG dialogue was held on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 at Actopolis flat – alongside with founder and art director of NK STUDIO– Jovan Stamatović-Karić that shared new project „Shard“ with the audience, challenging their expectations and encouraging them to participate in the performance. How is this theatre going to survive without their own space and how will the artistic family prevail and save their unique identity?   The studio was founded in September, 2011 gathering people with the same creative targets and desire for artistic experimentation. Due to the lack of a regular stage space, NK Studio has ever since tried to maintain its own creative, artistic expression related to no particular circumstances.Besides putting on several plays each year, the Studio takes part in various projects, organizes tours, charity concerts, cooperate with different artists and lives, so to say, an extensive artistic life.