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Dialogue #14 Marka žvaka – Where does our boat float?




Dušan Čavić and Dušan Šaponja authors of Cikotron, Marka Žvaka and documentary films, in a conversation with the audience will share how they choose topics for their work, what they like to consume from media, why they are converted into a public service and therefore why the pensioners are the driving force of this society. Also, they will show attendees materials that are so far not shown on television and the Internet. In 1993, at the "AP Branko Krsmanovic" in performance of Woody Allen entitled "Death" Šaponja and Cavic act together and get to know each other for the first time. The first baptized other, and another married first. There are several interpretations of what it really means Marka Žvaka. Even one Dušan will tell you one story, while the other Dušan will tell completely other story. Best guess is that the package of Orbit chewing gum that were sold on the streets was always worth more or less one Deutsche mark and that quality  gum (story) deserves its own brand. Marka Žvaka from 2006 to 2011 was broadcasted on TV B92, when they leave B92 and since then create their own production entitled Ciklotron.