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Dialogue #15 Petar Kalezić & Bojan Perkov (SHARE)




Petar Kalezić and Bojan Perkov from Share Foundation, in conversation with the audience will discover how the use of information technology is becoming more and more part of our everyday lives, and how it is necessary to consider the various problems and challenges that arise at the intersection of society and technology. Also, the importance of human rights and freedoms in the digital environment will be discussed , notably on freedom of expression, the right to privacy and protection of personal data, open access to knowledge and transparency of government.   The event will be complemented by a matinee party, which will be held after the dialogues.     SHARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 with the aim to fight for the protection of digital rights within the fields of privacy, freedom of expression, transparency and efficiency of government electronic surveillance and human rights. It is dedicated to protecting the rights of citizens and the promotion of Internet and the exchange of positive values ​​of openness, decentralization, free access to information, technology and knowledge. SHARE Foundation believes that the Internet and digital media have a key role in achieving democratic change in society, as a means to improve government accountability and transparency, and socio-economic empowerment of citizens. SHARE Defense is part of the SHARE Foundation, which operates as think tank units, with a team made up of lawyers, analysts, policy and practice, journalists and technicians dedicated to the protection of digital rights. SHARE Defense conducts legal research, provides free legal assistance and actively participate in decision-making processes of government authority. As a long-term goal, SHARE Defense vision is to become the guardian of expert-organization able to critically monitor the activities of governments, industry and other organizations in the field of advocacy and to inform the public when it detects actions that are not consistent with the public interest.