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Dialogue #16 Braća Burazeri




The first CG dialogue was held on Thursday, Feb 2nd 2017 at 19h at Topolska 18 together with Nikola and Nenad Radojicic (Braća Burazeri) who told us about their experience and work as the creators of the , "Dechkotzar" brand, how they became entrepreneurs although they were not thinking in that way, as well how one of their collections become official souvenir of Belgrade ...   Nikola I Nenad Radojcic, or Braća Burazeri, the faces behind the brand "Dechkotzar", which originated as a series of T-shirts for the Red Dragon band in 2001 as an idea to initiate in Serbia a real local t-shirt brand. Specially designed T-shirts from the collection Dechkotzar  for Belgrade are as well and an official souvenir of Belgrade.