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Dialogue #2 STPLN, Sweden




During this Dialogue  presented by Oyuki Matsumoto, Christian Svensson and Jack Dahlén, as a team of STPLN organizations and shared with us the experiences gained during the creation of this space and organization from the very beginning to the present. STPLN is the place of assembly and creation space (Maker space) available for anyone who wants to create and build things, produce cultural events or experiment in the design of the project. Its rooms include a co-working space, a place for performing performances, a space that can be used for exhibitions, performances and workshops for textile work, printing, sewing, carpentry and digital production.  Oyuki Matsumoto is a creative producer and project manager with many years of experience in developing innovative projects and concepts at the border between traditional and contemporary art forms, with an often unexpected turning point. Her specialty is joining different worlds - both artistic and human. In the last few years, Oyuki has been working on the development of STPLN, assembly places and space for various projects, which includes the first Swedish Makers Space.