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Dialogue #3 Open library




On Tuesday, Apr28th at 7pm, we want to talk about the Open Library project that was launched in 2011 by Goethe-Guerilla in Belgrade, and the further realization takes place within the School of Urban Practice, one of the City Gerile Modules. The project and the whole idea have been from 2011 to the present through many phases and interpretations. We open an open library as a social experiment in which our relationship to the common good, city, free exchange (books, ideas, opinions, styles, attitudes) and to ourselves is reflected. We want to gather in one place all people interested in the topic of free exchange of books (and more) to initiate a dialogue on the potentials and ideas for the development and sustainability of the project as well as for the pooling of forces in this endeavor. We invite you to come and bring with you all the questions you have about this project, suggestions, ideas, opinions and attitudes! We invite you, if you have the desire to exchange or donate a book for a project, do it freely and do it. This event is organized by City Guerilla in cooperation with the Urban Incubator Association and the support of the Goethe-Institut in Belgrade.