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DIALOGUE #4 Ivan Kucina




On Tuesday, May 12th at 7pm, at Kraljevica Marka 8, Savamala we talked with the architect Ivan Kucina about urban transformations of Savamala!   The lecture will be presented strategy Savamala urban transformations that have been launched in 2012. The series of conferences, workshops, participatory projects that followed were aimed at the inclusion of citizens Savamala and young architects in the struggle for the realization of their right to the city. _________________________   Ivan Kucina (1961) is a professor at Dessau International School of Architecture, in 2014 he was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Belgrade University, a visiting professor at Parsons The New School for Design, New York, Polis University, Tirana and KTH Stockholm. His master degree in 1997 from the Faculty of Architecture on the topic of transition for modern architecture. In his research interests include architectural strategies and self-regulated processes of transformation of cities in the post-socialist period. Linking research and teaching activity he has collaborated with several architectural groups such as the School of Missing Studies, New York and Stealth group, Rotterdam. 2008 wrote a textbook for the subject area and form called 15/3 which is exposed to innovative curriculum and exercises that are performed in the module Introduction to architectural design during the first semester of Architecture, University of Belgrade. The architectural practice has collaborated with architect Nenad Katić on vacancy and civil construction projects of different scales ranging from urban projects, projects of residential buildings to design exhibitions and furniture. The most famous projects are: Macura Museum in Novi Banovci, Family house Mančić on Avala and a desk writer Milorad Pavic. Ivan Kucina is a member of the Association of Architects of Belgrade and Association of Architects of Serbia, Serbian Chamber of Engineers, Association of Fine and Applied Artists of Serbia. He is the founder and program director of the Belgrade International Architecture Week 2006 Program Director of Urban Transformation of the Mikser Festival since 2012 and founder of the School of urban practice of 2013.