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Dialogue #5 Aleksandar Zograf




In an interview with Alexander Zograf we learn from him how he comes to inspiration for his comics.   Sasa Rakezić, who draws comics under the pseudonym Alexander Zograf, for his work is from the beginning of the nineties became known not only in Serbia but also in countries where the collection of his comics were published, a total of forty publications that have appeared in the US, Italy, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece, Poland, Hungary, and elsewhere. Guest numerous festivals comics and art events in general (author of the catalog for the Serbian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2013), his work was presented at solo exhibitions in numerous galleries around the world, from Rome and Paris to San Francisco and Seattle. Since 2003, Aleksandar Zograf published by the two sides of comics in the Belgrade weekly Vreme, but also continues to be engaged in organizing numerous cultural events in his hometown, where for more than ten years, together with the Cultural Center of Pancevo, edit first international FESTIVAL GRRR !, and then a series of events titled GRRR! Program, which is a comic book authors, publishers and scholars from the country and the world.