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Dialogue #6 Claudia Cardenas & Rafael Schlichting (Strangloscope duo)




Film laboratory Cinema tribe, specializing in work on film (8 / 16mm) presents you the first in a series of independent curatorial series and performances of foreign laboratories:   Strangloscope the artistic duo from Brazil, whose work "time gap" in the list of significant achievements last year's Festival of Alternative Film / Video, which took place from 9-13. December in the Cultural Center "Student city".   In his work, the authors are researching the language of moving images, as well as differences in film and video expression, and KM8 will present some of their works to discussion.   BIO:   RAFAEL SCHLICHTING   He graduated from film and video 2005-s. He devoted himself to the creation of films that examine and explore the language of cinema. He has worked within different platforms and within them using the analog and digital technology. He is interested in new forms and combinations of sounds and images. Besides filmography of 11 short films, Rafael is currently in post-production two-night film.   CLAUDIA CÁRDENAS   Claudia discovered video art after graduating from the literature and lectures on the theory of aesthetics and mass media. She was interested to film language in all forms and possibilities between words and images. Although screenwriter, lately more interested in non-narrative language, like in the movies where she has worked with Rafael szlichtyngowa.