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Dialogue #7 Valerija Spasojevic




On Tuesday, June 2nd, at 7 pm, in Kraljevica Marka 8, Savamala we are talking with entrepreneur & programmer Valerija Spasojevic! One of the biggest bottlenecks was how to solve the problem of walking with robots, until our academician Miomir Vukobratovic did not create a zero-point point. Although the theme seems to be dealing with robotics, Valeria will approach her from some other angle, tell you how it looks when you begin programming at the age of 12, you get your first job 16 years old, get your dreams and start in Serbia to deal with robotics, leave a safe job to establish your company at the age of 20. Through which everything is going and how to learn to walk. Valeria loves robots and works as cyborgs - without stopping. The first program code was written at only 12 years. It was enough to trigger her imagination and take it unwillingly through programming, web design and robotics. Valeria is the owner and founder of HLT Design Studio, where she creates her creativity in all the projects she works on. Valerija also deals with non-formal education of young people. She was a lecturer at several conferences, she was awarded the Young Researchers Prize of Serbia and the recognition of Young Researchers in Croatia in the field of robotics.