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Dialogue #8 Kockavica




City Gerila invites you to open a new GG dialogue season together with the founders of the NGO "Kockavica" and their project Budjenje Zemuna. Marija Antonijevic will conduct us through the work of mini-teas and workshops of photographs, films and collages, which are held within the framework of the "Wake of Zemun". This will help Milica Antonijevic, Jelena Mirkovic, Katarina Oreščanin and Nikolina Jankovic. As young activists and artists, they decided to wake Zemun by organizing three workshops: photographs, films and collages. In addition, tea parties are held in which young, talented musicians represent the wider audience. They believe that their ideas will encourage all optimistic, creative and positive people to help affirm young artists and create new opportunities for young people. The idea of ​​"awakening" is to contribute to the local community, encourage creativity and gather new audiences. All workshops address the problems and potentials of the local Zemun community. The "Kockavica" Association is a non-governmental and non-profit association based on indefinite time in order to achieve the goals of culture, art, entertainment and recreation. The goals of the association are: engaging young people and talented people in the promotion of culture, art, recreation and entertainment in the Republic of Serbia, revival of indoor spaces and open public spaces with the content of culture, art, recreation and entertainment, raising the awareness of society that culture and arts are a form of improvement of everyday life, raising cultural supply and cultural demand.