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Dialogue #9 Ana Popović




City Gerila invites you to a new GG dialogue with Ana Popovic, a theater director, with whom we will talk about traditional Javanese culture and art. Everything started with a book, a book about the theater. Ana will talk about magic, superstition, mysticism and nature of Java, the main characteristics of life in civilization drastically different from ours. She will try to shape her experience through the features of the ritual of initiation. Her goal is to share with us the experience that changed her personality. Ana Popovic finished world literature and theater directing. After studying, he goes to Asia where he studies traditional Javanese culture and art. The result of this research presents in his master work on the traditional public puppet theater of shadows - vajang kulit. She worked on a series of short and long theatrical forms, alone and in cooperation with the director Maria Lipkovska, with whom she started the organization "Theater of Threepenny" this year.