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Dialogue#1 Milena Ivković




"Formally trained in architecture and urbanism, Milena is an experienced researcher and designer, with more then ten years of consulting experience. She helps organisations develop new knowledge and tools for the transformation of complex urban environments and public space. Her view on urbanity has been shaped by her own multicultural background and work experience in diverse international environments, from Netherlands and the Balkans, to Africa, China and Japan. Milena started Rotterdam-based office for built environment research and consultancy Blok 74 in 2011. Blok 74 is dedicated to creating new intelligence about public spaces, using advanced spatial analytics, communication and interactivity." ... IAAU: "In order to make the creative energy and cultural patterns of the self-organisation visible, the project uses four key-perspectives (The Initiator, the Artist, his Advocate, and the Urbanist) to determine a course of action."