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Dolls in the forgotten places of the city



“Dolls in the forgotten places in the city” was a one-day demonstration lasting several hours which incorporated handcrafted cut-out dolls put in front of the former cultural institutions of Belgrade. Standing peacefully in front of them, these figures indicated how those places had become forgotten and left to decay due to various factors such as negligence and social intrigues. This action took place twice, first in June and then in December 2010. During the action in June, the dolls were installed in front of abandoned cinemas “Zvezda” and “Kosmaj”, the former house of merchant Krsmanović in Terazije Street, and the closed National museum. In December they were put in Belgrade parks “Proleće” and “Devojački park” (“Girl’s park”). Due to unsolved disputes over property and the fact that we needed permission from owners for every location, the project remained partly unrealized, even though the citizens of Belgrade who participated in these actions showed great interest.