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First Open Library


The Open Library


News of the people we have not met and the words we have not seen carry through a book a possibility of a good encounter and a different worldview. The “Open Library” intended to make these encounters possible. Bookshelves filled with books for exchange were set up in the public space. To start with, these books were in German. Mutuality was the only rule for using this library: in exchange for a book taken,  you should leave your own book or return the taken one. In this way, our mutual space could always be filled with interesting books on various topics. The books could also be somehow marked, with a name, date, word or something else, with an intention of making a possible contact with the future owner or book user. In this manner, the ways of the books could be recorded, along with possible personal encounters. The „Open Library“ belonged to all its users and the city of Belgrade. It was a common good, and such was our care of it. Its condition depended on how much we maintained it and how we exchanged books. Everyone could clean it, refill it and keep it in a good shape. This is the first „Open Library“ in Belgrade, and the others ensued very soon.