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Framing Old Belgrade



The idea behind this not fully realized action was to make large format frames out of ecological materials in shape of stencils, which would mark spots of great cultural and historic value in Belgrade which are abandoned and derelict. Some of the locations the Guerilla team planned to mark included the passage in the Karađorđeva 15 street; the passage that connects Knez Mihailova street with Čila Ljubina street; the window of the oldest house in Belgrade located in Cara Dušana 10 street; the doors of the building which once housed the bust of Kosančić Ivan as well as the doors of one of the oldest houses in Belgrade (number 18) both on Kosančićev venac. The idea  of the project was to produce photo and video documentation on the the spot and later present the gathered material in the form of a short documentary. This documentary would be placed on our online blog along with informations about the project and about the selected locations. The aim was to make the act of going through the frame one which would turn the users attention to Belgrade’s cultural heritage, as well as to the rarely seen and mostly overlooked spaces in Belgrade. Unfortunately, as the Guerilla team didn’t receive the necessary permits from the city authorities, the project was realized solely as an online photo exhibition.