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Glance over the fence



Belgrade’s public spaces should serve to all citizens who should have a clear and open insight into the undertakings concerning the new developments and adaptations in Belgrade. The “Glance over the fence” project aims to give the citizens of Belgrade the ability to peek behind the fences of a construction site that stood its ground for more than ten years on the spot of the old trolleybus roundabout, between Knez Mihailova, Uzun-Mirkova and Kralja Petra Streets. By setting up a foldable ladder in front of the construction site fences (from Kralja Petra Street) all interested people were given the opportunity to take a look at what lies on the other side of the fence. Before they mounted the ladder, the citizens were asked the question: “What do you think lies behind the fence””, and another one when they got down: “What would you like to be there?”. The citizens’ responses were later published on the Goethe-Guerilla blog. The investor of the construction site reacted rather strongly, and the project garnered a lot of attention from the citizens and the media. Shortly after this action, first steps towards the realization of the hotel / business center „Rajićeva“ have commenced, which is planned to be finished somewhere in 2017.