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Goethe-Guerilla at the October Salon



As a part of their preparations for the October Salon in Belgrade, two Berlin-based artists, Wolfgang Krause and Silvia Lorenz, contacted the Belgrade GG in the beginning of May 2012. Later on, Wolfgang and Silvia came to Belgrade with five more artists and a plan to realize different interventions and actions in Savamala, with the Guerilla team providing them with useful streetwise knowledge about the area. The first action, called “Einmal allein / Alone at lastˮ took place on 16 September on the intesection in front of the former Geozavod (Geological intitute). The artists, the Guerilla team and other October Salon participants blocked the traffic, in order to give this junction, crowded with trucks and public transportation on daily basis, at least one moment of relief and rest. One of many backyards in Savamala was the place where Guerilla members participated in an action of laundry washing. As pegging laundry is one of Savamala’s trademarks, so was this action a way of ritual bonding between the guests and hosts – the inhabitants of Savamala, who generously welcomed their guests – the artists from Berlin. All of the actions realized in the public space of Savamala were photographed, and photos were then printed out in form of a postcard, one of which was dedicated to the said laundry action. This material was showed in the Geozavod building where the October Salon took place in 2012. The Guerilla thus became its unofficial participant.