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Integrated Railway Transport Symphony


The Symphony of Savamala Project


The main railway and bus stations as well as parking lots deeply mark and greatly affect both the current situation and the character of this neighborhood. In addition to these stations, in the immediate vicinity of the Sava there is a largely undefined, vacant plot of land serving as an open-air storage lot – tucked within the gated site of IRT (Integrated Railway Transport) with strictly limited access. Nevertheless, the Guerilla team managed to explore and examine this segment of Savamala as well, turning abandoned containers, metal constructions, neglected railroad tracks and unusable wagons into main instruments of the “IRT Symphony”. The recorded material represents a unique audio recording which cannot be produced anymore as the location was completely cleared within the “Belgrade Waterfront” projects, and turned into a construction site. The project was presented for the first time within the “Symphony of Savamala” project during the summer exhibition held in June 2013 in the Spanish house pavilion.