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Interviews with Savamala residents



Some people like to talk a lot but have little to say. The others mostly remain silent, but their words are worth a thousand pictures. Savamala is made up of different stories – by getting to know its people, their habits and the perception of the place they live in, we managed to create a strong network of contacts and a direct insight into Savamala daily life. The exhibition the Guerilla organized in June 2013, held in the Spanish house, showed video recording of both Savamala residents and the Guerilla members. These video recordings gave an insight into the Savamala’s past, fondly remembered by the oldest residents, as well as into the daily life of those who live and work in this area. Savamala used to be well known for its artisan and craftsman shops which are nowadays virtually nonexistent. Due to this reason, the Guerilla put a special emphasis on some of the last remaining examples of these endangered crafts. Among the others, interviews were conducted in the bonbon shop “Bosiljčić”,  the hat maker shop in 8 Kraljevića Marka St. and the tailor’s shop in Crnogorska St. The main topics of the interviews covered all which Savamala residents love in this neighborhood, but also that which they would like to change.