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Kokica (“Popcorn”)



Kokica (“Popcorn”) is an event where young directors, animators and other movie authors present their portfolio in a cozy atmosphere. Essentially, it is a movie night where the authors show their work to the audience. While the movies are shown on the projection board, popcorns, widely considered a symbol of movie going, are made and distributed to the audience, hence the name ('kokica' in Serbian means 'popcorn').                                        Kokica started as a project in 2014 within the scope of activities of the Urban Incubator project. City Guerilla decided to take it over and enable its broader realization during 2015. Kokica has so far shown the works of several young perspective authors such as Stefan Malešević (who went on to become a student of the famous Hungarian director Bela Tarr), Iva Milojković (who directed her first film 'Molly' when she was just 12), Tea Lukač, Kosta Ristić, to name but a few. The films have been shown on various locations in Savamala. Apart from the space in 8 Kraljevića Marka Street, the screenings were also held on the Župa steamboat and in the Spanish house. Therefore, the concept of this event is applicable to any space, not necessarily a single one.