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Open Library Salon

Performance, Conversations

School of Urban Practices


Open Library Salon represented a performance and interactive talk with the locals as well as visitors of the Actopolis exhibition regarding the Open library project. Standing on specifically marked squares in the apartment’s space, the idea of the Open library was presented by the performance participants who represented “living Open Libraries”. They read their favorite poems, parts of books and quotes to the visitors. After some time, when the sound of a bell was heard, the “living Libraries” would step out of their marked squares becoming regular people again. In this manner, in an informal surrounding, the visitors could discuss ‘what’ and ‘who’ Open Library is and how they are connected with this idea themselves. On the sound of the bell, the participants would return to the squares becoming libraries again with whom the only means of interaction was via literary excerpts. Apart from this, the Actopolis apartment housed several mini pocket Open libraries created during the workshop of the School of Urban Practices during 2015. One of those libraries was given to the neighbors as a gift with an intention of its setting up in the immediate surrounding.