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ParMinuta Arhitekture

Online project


ParMinuta Arhitekture is a website with video-interviews. Narrators of these interviews are experts in the field of architecture, urban planning and similar fields, architecture students and residents of Savamala. Each video is limited to just a few minutes (par minuta), so that a website visitor has a whole series of very short but very effective educational units available. The platform is designed for open discussion, networking and informal education, gathering all interested contributors of the future development of Savamala and Belgrade online and live. ParMinuta Arhitekture Project was conceived as a response to current developments and growing tendencies in the architectural scene of Belgrade and especially Savamala, and deep need for a higher level of public knowledge of architecture. ParMinuta Arhitekture is a platform which can become the initial trigger and the bearer of communication, networking and informal, spontaneous education in the field of architecture and city development. Savamala, its resources and ideas of future development are currently in focus, concluding with the latest project "Belgrade on Water". This project is the target of severe criticism of experts, who were, due to the lack of an architectural competition, left out of the process of planning and designing the future of Savamala. Neither were the residents involved in this process and as a result, they are not sufficiently informed about the advantages and disadvantages of those solutions presented. The offer of web pages with the topic of domestic architecture is limited, while architecture students lack a simple and easy-accessible educational platform. Superficial approach, short-term solutions, lack of basic awareness in the field of architecture and urban planning, political instability and other unacceptable development methods (unfortunately used often) inspired the development of a quality educational platform, designed for learning, teaching and spreading the knowledge in the areas of architecture and urbanism. This comprehensive platform allows for unambiguous topics and goals, encourages beneficial discussions and debates, and includes the possibility of transferring them from virtual to the actual world.