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Recording a daydream



A mixture of flânerie (artistic re-discovering of a city) and a photo-walk led by a professional photographer and a guide was held on 14 and 15 May in the Dorćol neighborhood. The participants had an opportunity to explore some of the most characteristic places of this part of the city, its history, interesting stories connected with it, as well as specific places which symbolize it today. Apart from that, the aim of this walk was to from a connection among the participants and with this (un)known part of the city as well. It also aimed at exploring the immediate surrounding, discovering its hidden characteristics via techniques of street photography, with a goal to catch the “city spirit”. During the walk, the participants took photos of the locations where various objects of historical significance used to stand, or they are still in existence. By using a map with the indicated locations, the walk included the facilities of the old Brewery in Cetinjska Street, the church of Aleksandar Nevski, as well as a green area used as a parking lot in Visokog Stevana Street where an old synagogue used to stand which was used as an orientation point on the old Belgrade maps (it was demolished during World War II). The walk took place on 14 May 2016, and the exhibition of photos taken during the walk the next day in Actopolis apartment in Despota Stefana Street, which marked the end of the first part of the public program and exhibition presenting City Guerilla and Urban Incubator Belgrade project.