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Savamala Flânerie


Savamala Walks


What is flânerie and who is a flâneur? These two terms come from French, and in Serbian, although obsolete, they have a negative connotation: a flâneur is a person who spends time strolling around the city and flânerie is the act of such strolling. Initially, even in French the meaning was negative; however, it changed in Paris during the 19. century and became quite the opposite. From strolling and aimless time wasting, flânerie turned into an art of urban discovery, a flâneur being some sort of an urban artist. To discover one’s own city is especially hard, and that was why the Gureilla decided to start a flânerie at the end of November 2012 in Savamala, a part of Belgrade which is still largely undiscovered. As Savamala abounds in cultural and historical heritage, the idea of the “Walk through the past of Savamala” was to use flânerie as a means of traveling back in time when Savamala was an elite quarter. Each participant got photos of buildings which had been demolished long time ago along with the explanation of their former significance and a map of locations where they used to stand. The route was not set and depended on each flâneur, and at the end of this walk they exchanged their impressions.