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Savamala post-express



At the end of 2012, the Guerilla organized an action symbolically entitled Savamala post-express. A group of Savamala residents, who had on numerous occasions supported GG activities, also joined the action. They were the main reason and source of inspiration for this action as well. The aim of this action was to hand out a series of postcards to the representatives of the local government in Savski venac Municipality. These postcards contained motifs of the most problematic Savamala places. We used them to pinpoint the existing acute problems of this Belgrade neighborhood, all the while using creative and unusual ways. The action of handing out the postcards to the Municipality representatives was successfully realized and shot on video. All documentation of the action along with the postcards and Savamala residents’ comments was exhibited on 15 December 2012 at the final exhibition of Goethe-Guerilla which all the participants were present at.