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Savamala Talks

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Savamala Walks


“Savamala Talks” – an interactive guide through Savamala As a part of the traditional Night of the Museums manifestation, annually held in Belgrade, in 2015 City Guerilla took part as an exclusive location with an interactive Savamala guide entitled “Savamala Talks” whose aim was bringing closer the history of this significant urban neighborhood to its participants.  “Savamala Talks” treated the entire territory of Savamala as a specific museum, and its edifices as exhibits. Apart from the classical way of obtaining information, “visitors” of this museum in the open find information on their own, through research and immediate interaction. They are also left with the choice of choosing their own way. On every of the chosen locations, participants, via their mobile smartphone devices, follow stories of three Savamala fishermen who tell about its past. These stories are an interesting mixture of real facts and fiction in the vein of traditional “fishermen tales”. Using a mobile app as a medium, participants solve different interactive questions of multimedia nature (text, photo, sound) connected to the said stories. By solving these riddle-questions they uncover new locations to be visited and new stories to be heard. Three narratives intertwine on several locations, but it is also possible to follow all three individually.  In this manner, participants get acquainted with both the past and the present of Savamala, not only through the medium of “fishermen tales”, but also through the questions themselves. For example, questions such as: how many chimneys does the Manak house have? When was the bonbon shop “Bosiljčić” established? Where does Luka Ćelović, the famous Savamala benefactor come from etc, are information which can be found in the participant’s immediate surrounding  and require turning a special attention to the places they might have passed by countless times and inspire them to see them from a new perspective.