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The SavamalaMapJewelry aims to create an art oasis in Savamala. Jewelry is an art discipline and craft, and Savamala was once noted as a craftsman center. Creating unique souvenirs- pieces of jewelry inspired by the shapes of Savamala buildings, this project emphasizes the importance and richness of historical and architectural elements of Savamala, at the same time acting as a modern continuation to these old crafts. The first phase of the project was the collecting of information during the Workshop in July 2014. In this phase an important element is the interaction between the author and the Savamala locals. By using two blank maps, one from the present and one dating back to World War II, participants write down their memories and recollections regarding Savamala and mark buildings which are emotionally important to them. After this phase, the author uses these sketches to form a sculptural piece of art, by choosing artistic elements and combining them into a unique visual composition. The author creates his own jewelry collection, using interesting forms that are on the maps. The aim of the projects is for special architectural elements of Savamala to be expressed through an art craft and discipline.