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Speed Dating with German 2010



Speed-Dating mit Deutsch is an interesting and effective way to learn German. It is similar to classic quick encounters whose goal is flirting, except for the fact that, in this case, participants meet German native speakers and talk about interesting topics for a couple of minutes. Each participant initiates a conversation with a German guest sitting at one table. After four minutes when the sound of the gong is heard, the participants switch tables and go to a new native speaker with whom they strike a conversation on a different topic. During 2010 and 2011, several such speed-dating events with German were held with a great success. Two of them took place in the Goethe-Institut in Belgrade, the first one on 9 May 2010, on the International Day of Europe, the second one on 26 September of the same year marking the European Day of Languages. Another event was held in Novi Sad in the Youth cultural center “Fabrika”, on 9 May 2011, again for the International Day of Europe.