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The most beautiful Serbian word of German origin



The 55. Book fair in Belgrade saw an interactive Franziska Wike's exhibition about the usage of German words in the Serbian language as well as a series of interviews with various visitors of the fair. By participating in this exhibition, Goethe-Guerilla managed to make a direct link between Serbian and German culture. In addition, inspired by this action, a competition entitled “The most beautiful Serbian word of German origin” was held. We received a large number of entries, some even with explanations better than the words themselves. The competition winners were the following words: gepek (Gepäck; car trunk), licitar (Lebzetler; a type of decorated candy), ringišpil (Ringispiel; carousel), gelipter (Geliebter; playboy), kibicfenster (Kiebitzfenster; lapwing window),), špajz (Speisekammer; pantry), štrudla (Strudel; strudel), šalter (Schalter; counter).