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The Open Library: De/Construction

Action, Intervention

The Open Library


From November 2011, when the second generation of Goethe-Guerilla founded the Open library in Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade, numerous actions of cleaning, decorating, painting, gathering and placing books with an aim of promoting a principle of free book exchange. Using the library was extremely easy – anyone could take a book as long as they left another in its place, or they eventually returned the book they had borrowed. After two years since the Open library was set up in the busiest part of the pedestrian zone in Knez Mihailova Street, the fourth generation of Goethe-Guerilla confronted the problem of its decaying structure and expiring license and made a decision to dismantle it. However, the deconstruction of the Open Library didn’t mark the end of this idea. With an aim of further spreading the idea of free book exchange, the Guerilla team decided to make small mobile Open libraries, setting them up on different spots in the city, such as cultural and educational institutions, but in private houses as well, building entrances and city streets.