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The Other Side of Normality



The story of the performance "The Other Side of Normality" follows the universal artist, the composer who creates the opera, and at the same time tries to break out with the psychotic crisis through which it passes. Is it possible to articulate at the moment or is it perhaps the solution? The performance deals with the issue of creating and artistic expression of people with mental problems. It was realized in cooperation with Prostor within the program, which organizes an art therapy group intended for psychiatric services users and in cooperation with the City Gehren, with the support of the Goethe-Institut. Performance is a unique blend of drama forms with opera and modern ballet with video mapping that shapes the story. "The Other Side of Normality" was performed by a pilot project that he performed at the Take Over Festival in November 2016 at Kolarac. Artist: Željko Maksimović Singer: Marko Pantelić Pianist: Sara Mandic Balerin: Andrea Dobric and Ana Gliksman Queen of the Night (voice): Vaja Dujovic Text: Nina Jouver Director: Isidora Goncić Assistant Director: Marko Čelabić Arrangement: Miloš Jovanović Sound Design: Ivan Kole Branisavljević Visual Identity: Djordje Mojsilovic Video mapping: Arsenije Savić The program: Magic Fluff, W. A. ​​Mozart