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Tram 2 route through time and fashion



„Tram 2 route through time and fashion“ is a project by City Guerilla whose initial idea was to evoke the spirit old Belgrade. Hence, two motifs which are most associated with it were chosen as its symbols – vintage clothing and the tram 2 route. The project consisted of three segments: 1. Research, second hand shop tours through Belgrade and Germany as well as documentation production in the form of postcards 2. Gathering of clothing and photos of the favorite retro-style clothing through an on-line call. 3. 31 May 2010 – realization of the project “Tram 2 route through time and fashion” which comprised a traveling exhibition, exchange of clothes and a mini sax & guitar concert inside the number 2 tram.  The idea behind this project aside from the photo exhibition and musical show, was to initiate a free exchange of things within the number 2 tram: clothes, books, cassettes, records and everyday objects. In this way, the Guerilla team encouraged people to reminisce about past times and the old Belgrade in a creative way, all the while offering people an enjoyable tram ride during which they could distance themselves from everyday worries and meet the more intimate history of our capital city.