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Youth in Action 2013



Within the framework of the EU programme “Youth in Actionˮ, students and members of the Goethe-Guerilla from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania and Serbia focused on the creative actions and interventions, Sep 21-27th 2013 in Savamala. Aiming at the revitalizing of this rather neglected Belgrade neighborhood, 25 young and motivated workshop participants from five different cities – Belgrade, Vilnius, Sarajevo, Chemnitz and Budapest – came together to discuss problems, developments and future opportunities. The participants took Savamala and the project “Urban Incubator: Belgradeˮ as a model for discussing questions and issues that are relevant and specific to the future of the cities from which they came, and, through the exchange of ideas, they identified similarities and differences and improved their own perspectives for joint creative interaction.Self-made music instruments and first aid kits against traffic noise, an open-air “living roomˮ at the river bank for a warm ambience at exceptional places – within six days, the “Youth in Actionˮ-group developed their own creative ideas resulting in various, multi-faceted projects.All of these ideas highlighted the hidden potential of Savamala and even engaged some of the residents and raised the awareness of the many different facets a city quarter has. A “Museum of Sounds”, signposting for small “Exhibitions”, or creating an “outdoor home” – small actions only brought home very impressively the idea that “a sense of home” can be developed everywhere, and that seems to be especially important in a neglected city district such as Savamala.Exchange of knowledge among local connoisseurs and young people, who in this city quarter meet for the first time, became an important starting point, both for future joint activities in Savamala, and for new perspectives of Belgrade GG´s future activities.