City Guerilla | Goethe-Guerilla / City Guerilla EXHIBITION
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Goethe-Guerilla / City Guerilla EXHIBITION

Goethe-Guerilla / City Guerilla EXHIBITION

The Goethe-Guerilla 2014 is the fith Guerilla generation, for the third time located in Savamala, a historically important, but grossly neglected neighborhood. In partnership with senior Guerilla members and Urban Incubator Association we developed new ideas and ways to “tune in“the spirit of Savamala during the year.

Furthermore, this is the last Goethe- Guerilla generation, since this group of young activists has recently become partof the newly formed independent association called City Guerilla.

This exhibition offers an insight into our 2014 achievements.


City-Guerilla 2014

Kraljevića Marka 8, Crnogorska 5
The Spanish House

Opening date: 16 November, 13:00-22:00
The exhibition is open from 16.00 to 21:00 on weekends andfrom 18:00 to 21:00 on weekdays.

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