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Antonija Komazlić


2011 - 2012

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I am 23 years old and at the end of my sociology and Spanish studies. Until now I have only considered Zagreb as my city, but I would like to add more cities. I saw Madrid quickly in the same way, but a half year was not enough to preserve this feeling even after my homecoming to Zagreb. I love the city and love to lose myself in it, on foot or by bike - often only to observe it (however, I am usually late, so I need to hurry and can’t go astray). Flâneur. I’m searching for a way how I could pursue this more effectively. How one can use the memory of a place to transform it positively and make better use of it. I learn and collect experiences. City planning, urban sociology, cultural policy. In my spare time I am amused by resuscitating forgotten words (Instead of ‘flâneur’ I say ‘šacanje’, even if i know that this isn’t a proper synonym, and this deformed use amuses just me and some of my friends). Furthermore, I like to solve linguistic riddles in translation; music, when I walk home at night, and dancing, if there’s enough space. I also have phases in which I’m interested in film epochs, cooking or botany.