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Darja Čoko


2015 - 2015


Darja Čoko, after that (as many would say) unwise decision to dedicate herself to arts and enroll in the Faculty of Architecture, she graduates in 2012. During her studies, her volunteer experience begins at the construction site of the new US Embassy in Belgrade, and later in the NGO Ekoist, where she stayed for nearly two years. Within this organization, numerous projects were carried out, among which the following stand out: Green Schools, the international conference Ecoweek, a children's theater play, and so on. Upon completion of her studies, due to her personal interest, she went to Spain for three months, where she finishes a Spanish language course with an elective subject of the Spanish Art History. Upon returning to Belgrade she becomes an employee in the construction firm SEC MAR, where she remains for the next year. Being a socially active person, she spends her vacation on a volunteer camp in France, where she learns more about sustainable construction. The second camp which she participates in in 2014 is also a volunteer camp in Valjevo, which concerns making pallet furniture for households endangered in May's floods. Apart from these camps, she participates in numerous exhibitions, workshops, among which is the Model for Savamala within the Urban Incubator. She is currently an independent artist within the Association of Serbian Architects and spends her free time volunteering on projects that allow her both professional and personal development.