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Gorana Aća


2015 - 2015


I'm studying graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts. For three years I have been intensively engaged in fine arts. In 2012 at the City Library of Pančevo I had my first exhibition entitled "On the Trail". After that I had two smaller exhibitions at the Pančevo Youth Center within the School of Drawing of the Youth Center. With the School of Drawing, we organized 24 hour drawing workshops, followed by 12 hour ones as well. I have attended numerous lectures on mosaic, handmade paper, landscape architecture, studio drawing, etc. I have participated in several comic workshops. I volunteered for five years at KOMPAS ( the Creative Youth Center of Pančevo for the fight against the AIDS). I have held many peer education sessions on HIV, AIDS, PPB, reproductive health in primary and secondary schools. I was a trainer in three peer education schools for educating young volunteers. I wrote projects aimed at raising awareness on voluntary blood donation and HIV testing. As a pupil of the "Uros Predic" gymnasium I participated in the "Pasch" project with my class. I went to workshops of creative writing whose theme was "Horror in Literature". I also participated in grammar workshops of the Serbian language and was on numerous linguistic sections within the "Mihajlo Pupin" Talent Center. I participated in "InTrash", an Amateur Short Film Festival. As part of “InTrash”, I was a trainee in a short training program on direction, camera and film. I was a costume designer at the Gymnasium Drama Club. I participated in a project that has been held for ten years in cooperation with Pančevo and Berlin. As part of the project, I participated in the Berlin Carnival, and then in the one in Pančevo. I fluently speak English. I’m also learning German.