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Ivan Avdić


2015 - 2018


Born on 25 August 1994. Then, as well as this morning he cried because he got up early. Since he was a little boy, he preferred to play with LEGO bricks over football which sometimes getting beat when they took a form of landmines. He enrolled in high school in Kragujevac and during the course of his education he discovered the beauty of science and began engaging in archeology at the Petnica Research Station, where he is currently a junior associate. After finishing high school he sells his piano  to pay for his  education at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade From my native Kragujevac, besides homemade kajmak cream, I bring with me the interest in science and research. In my spare time I like to engage in music, drawing and watching/reading science fiction films/ books (activities sorted by the amount of talent I have for them). What fulfills me is the popularization of science and volunteering, and that is why for the past five years I have been participating in science festivals, explorers' nights and museum nights. From recently I am a demonstrator of the Center for the Promotion of Science. In addition, in my spare time I am looking for things that can be plotted on a graph, hence my main interests lie in the visualization of data and graphic communication.